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"SnackBag feels like a tight Minecraft family, and we're hyped for upcoming events and tournaments. Regular updates keep things fresh and innovative. Despite no minigames yet, anticipation is high for how they'll amp up the survival experience. Shoutout to the dedicated staff for a smooth ride. SnackBag's future? Bright and full of adventure!" - Modified message from an anonymous member

Exciting Features

Discover what makes SnackBag - Minigames & Survival server special


Enjoy a variety of exciting minigames, including parkour, PvP battles, and treasure hunts.

Modded Survival

Test your survival skills in our challenging survival mode, where you can build, explore, and fight off mobs.

SnackBag Vibes

Our place has a unique feel to it – like a mix of excitement and hanging out with buddies. It's the kind of place that makes you smile!

Community Events

Join our regular community events, such as build competitions and tournaments, for a chance to win exclusive rewards.

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the server, except if you tell us where it should go otherwise.
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Explore Endless Fun

Discover a world of exciting minigames and survival challenges

Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
What is SnackBag - Minigames & Survival? SnackBag - Minigames & Survival is a Minecraft server that offers a variety of minigames and survival gameplay.
How can I join the SnackBag - Minigames & Survival server? To join the SnackBag - Minigames & Survival server, you need to have a Minecraft account and enter the server IP address in the multiplayer section of the game. The IP address will be provided in our Discord.
What are the available minigames on SnackBag - Minigames & Survival? Our minigames are currently still work in progress, but we will have custom coded minigames such as LevelWars and Scarecrow
How can I communicate with other players on SnackBag - Minigames & Survival? We have a Discord server where you can chat with other players, ask questions, and get updates about the server. You can find the link to our Discord server on our website.
Is SnackBag - Minigames & Survival free to play? Yes, SnackBag - Minigames & Survival is completely free to play. However, we also offer optional in-game purchases for those who wish to support the server and keep it up. See